5 Must Haves for the Trendy College Girl

Five incredibly easy pieces for those rough college mournings.

1. The Big Purse

No matter the color or style, having a purse large enough to hold books is a must have. It also helps pull off the athlesuire look. As a college student myself the gym is more is something i pass by on the way to the dining hall. Plus, having a big purse/bag makes you look thiner. A great option is the LongChamp large tote.


LongChamp large tote; nordstrom.com


2. The Hat

This speaks for itself. Who has time for the tedious daily hair routine. Especially in the disgusting dorm bathrooms, its good enough to get clean and get out. Get yourself a trendy hat, it might make you look basic but well you probably are… And please NO snapbacks.


BP hat; on sale for $8.95 at nordstrom.com


3. Classic tennis shoes

Whether they are the Adidas original or even k.swiss (who remembers that), having a pair of classics can take a look from lazy to tom boy trendy.


Adidas classics $75 at nordstrom.com

4. Cute Sandals

Invest in a pair of nice sandals, that don’t look like shower shoes. If you live anywhere that the weather is below 60 degrees F, this doesn’t apply to you. Honestly i truly am sorry, for you i would suggest boots and a transfer application for a college that receives sun.


Tory Burch sandals. $175 at nordstrom.com

5. Yoga pant and/or Tight

Need i say more. Im sure Every girl has 10 pairs of these and it doesn’t matter that they all look the same but dammit they are different.

Finally, this is an idea of a cute yet simple and effortless look.




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