Beyonce had the best album of the year

So I just finished watching the 2017 Grammy’s. I should be in asleep now, but I am in bed typing this on my iPhone 7. If that doesn’t tell you how strongly I feel I don’t know what will. I listened to all the albums nominated in AOTY and ROTY. Adele’s 25 was a strong album, it marked a Stella come back. Hello was a strong single, so I did not have a problem with it getting ROTY; in fact I think she deserved that award.

Beyoncé’s lemonade on the other hand was the best album I have heard in a while. (Anti should have also been nominated). Beyoncé put her heart on that album, it told a story. Forget the visual aspect (which slayed) the lyrics invoked a feeling like no other. We got a story of love, betrayal and ultimately forgiveness.

After my anger for the snub passed I went on to search for a why. A black artist has not won AOTY year since 2008. It’s not because of a lack of talent. Taylor swifts 1988 won AOTY, with fluff such as never getting back together. So in the end I come to the conclusion that the academy is deeply flawed. Beyoncé did win intact this year, she brought light to underrepresented brown boys and girls, with empowering lyrics. Whether she knows or not, Beyoncé has sealed her place as an icon. Maybe next time she’ll win. But until then I hope ALL black artists and entertainers start and continue to attend black award shows. In the end representation matters. Go where you are celebrated not tolerated.


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