Covergirl covers for James Charles

So as you might have heard James Charles was named the first male face of Covergirl. This is big for obvious reason. Honestly when I first found out i was very nonchalant about it all. I thought he had a very appealing face and makeup suited him well. It did help that it angered old butt hurt conservatives. Well this past weekend that all changed. James tweeted a series of ignorant tweets about Africa.

When i saw the tweets i was angry but also hurt. Angry because as a Nigerian American, i find people’s ignorance about Africa so infuriating.

  1. It’s not a country (No matter what Raven Symone said)
  2. There are actually things there
  3. The many countries in Africa have become a hub for technology and many advancement

The tweet was not only racist it was also stupid. Not all of Africa experienced the Ebola epidemic. It was mobilized in very few countries. We don’t even know what country in Africa James was talking about. Well Covergirl decided to respond with the most passive series of tweets i have ever seen from a major corporation.

This issues moves far beyond James Charles, it again highlights white privilege especially that of white men. It doesn’t matter that they are gay they are still privileged. Not to have this drawn out but we need to take heed and call out all scenarios of racism we see. Because if we are blind to the mistreatment of one people, we are submissive o the inequality of ALL PEOPLE. Shame on Covergirl for not taking a bigger stance, instead the sugarcoat racism as a differing of opinion. The last point i want to make; will any of the black Covergirl’s speak out? It is left to be written…


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