Must Watch TV Shows


By: Bisola Oni

It seems that lately there we have had a large set of new and diverse TV shows. With such a large content of great shows to watch on television i thought i would be make a list.

Disclaimer: Empire was purposely left off the lift.


Insecure – Issa Rae brings it. My new favorite show. Although i got put on late, i watched all 8 episodes in one day. Once i started i could NOT stop. The characters all bring a strong sense of realism that is sometimes missed in comedy. The show doesn’t have a dry spot. That could be because its only half an hour per episode, but i’m inclined to attribute this to stellar writing.


How to Get Away with Murder – This drama packed show doesn’t take a break. Every episode is amazingly written. Viola Davis is a STAR. She shines in every seen, even her walk has a script of its own. Plus how often do you see TV actresses with Oscar worthy talent.


Blackish- Tracee Elise Ross is star in this show. The natural comedic value and the message packed into every episode makes it an instant family. Plus it has cute kids…whats not to love about this. Its not a fluff sitcom like we have seen in the past with other shows. Blackish has a life of its own and manages to create its own space.


Fresh off the boat- Hysterical show about and immigrant family and growing up in the unknown. Laugh out loud funny. I do have to admit that i was hesitant to watch this show. I previously put it off as an attempt to turn the immigrant struggle into comedy or even a way to make humor of asian culture. I was wrong the show focuses more on the humor of growing up with parents who are anything but average. That i feel everyone can relate to.



Chicago Fire/PD/Med – All the different variations of the Chicago shows are great. They give you everything you need. From a crime drama to a medical drama. The shows are well written and include great actors. Theses shows aren’t a weekly appointed for me. Instead they have become a staple, that can be watched at any point.



Law And Order SVU – I have to admit this is my favorite show. The plot lines never disappoint. Its great to also binge watch on Netflix and HULU.



American Horror Story – I just only recently started watching this show. the plot lines are great. Because each season has a new plot line, you can never truly get bored. Also the writers can’t ruin this show as easily as shows like Sleepy Hallow and The Vampire Diaries were destroyed. It also makes an amazing binge watch on Netflix.


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